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Comprehensive solutions for year-round climate control. We offer, among others, portable air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and heaters. Modern design, high-quality craftsmanship, easy operation. Check out what you can gain!

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Climative Devices - Portable Air Conditioner, Air Dehumidifier, Air Heater
Climative Heater Against the Background of Poland

Heaters from Climative

Entirely Polish Production

Electric heaters (red) from the Climative line, produced on Polish soil, are a symbol of quality and reliability, compliant with the most rigorous European standards. The long-lasting durability of these products is guaranteed by using the highest class components. All this makes them some of the most reliable and durable devices on the market, while maintaining premium standards.

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Take Care of Air Quality with Climative Dehumidifiers

No more moisture

Our dehumidifiers are key to fresh and healthy air in your home or office. With them, the problem of moisture and mold becomes a thing of the past. The advanced technology of these devices not only regulates the humidity level but also effectively prevents the growth of harmful microorganisms. Moreover, we also offer construction models that are perfect for more challenging conditions and professional applications. By choosing Climative dehumidifiers, you're investing in comfort and health for yourself and your loved ones!

  • Comfortable humidity level control.
  • Easily removable water tank.
  • High airflow.

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Climative Dehumidifiers

About the Climative Brand

Our Priorities are Functionality and Comfort

We are a Polish company specializing in refrigeration and heating industry. What sets us apart from others is a unique blend of our specialists' experience and the fresh approach of our young team, which is not afraid of the biggest challenges.

In our philosophy, SMART solutions play a key role. You will find a perfect balance between simplicity and functionality with us. Thanks to our advanced technology, operating each device is child's play. No matter where you are, you can control our devices with an intuitive app. You don't need any complicated instructions!

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Portable Climative Air Conditioner Next to a Smartphone


We recently expanded our range with new Climative heaters, available in both electric and gas variants. Our innovative devices are designed to provide maximum comfort and efficiency, regardless of the chosen power source.

High Efficiency

The high airflow of the new Climative heaters quickly and evenly heats up spaces.

Easy Operation

Our heaters are incredibly intuitive to operate, allowing for quick and easy start-up.

100% Efficiency

All the energy consumed is dedicated solely to heating the space.

Control Panel

Use the knob to set your preferred operating mode.

Universal Application

Climative heaters are suitable for use in apartments, offices, service premises, warehouses, and many other places.

Durable Construction

The construction of our devices is sturdy, ensuring a long lifespan and reliability in most conditions.

New Gas Heaters

Portable gas heaters Climative GH-15 and GH-30 provide continuous heating of large air spaces. They are economical, robust, and efficient devices. They can be used in well-ventilated places, such as construction sites, storage halls, or production plants. Cold air is drawn in by the fan and passed through the burner, where it is heated. Warm air flows out from the front of the heater.

Easy Operation

The operation of Climative GH heaters is extremely intuitive, allowing for quick and efficient heating of even large spaces. Thanks to the simplicity of the devices, starting up and adjusting them does not require specialized knowledge.

Operating Time

Our gas heaters are designed to provide continuous and uninterrupted heating, which is essential in places requiring a constant temperature. Excellent functionality at your fingertips!

Sturdy Construction

The construction of our gas heaters is strong and durable, ensuring a long lifespan and reliability in almost any condition. Additionally, their aesthetic design means they are not only functional but also visually appealing.

Regulator and Hose

Each of our Climative GH series heaters comes equipped with a regulator and gas hose as standard components, eliminating the need for additional purchases.

Climative GH Gas Heaters

Our Bestseller

The Climative DH-20S UV Silent air dehumidifier is a sales hit on the Polish market. Unique, original design. This model is characterized by a dehumidification efficiency of 20 liters per day, making it recommended for rooms up to 40 m².

Climative DH-20S UV Silent air dehumidifier next to a smartphone


Our dehumidifier has undergone rigorous quality tests. It has also been practically tested by hundreds of users.


Climative DH-20S UV Silent not only effectively dehumidifies the air but is also equipped with a UV lamp for additional hygiene and has a tank capacity of as much as 6.5 liters.

Door to Door

As the manufacturer, we provide a two-year "Door to Door" warranty. Our service technicians will also be available after the warranty period, and parts will be available regardless of the year of manufacture of the device.

Our Products for Summer!

Climative air conditioners are available in three models - choose the best one for you!

New for the 2023 Season

Climative AC41-S JET Portable Air Conditioner


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New for the 2023 Season

Climative AC29-S DUO Portable Air Conditioner


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Bestseller 2022/2023

Climative AC26-S ICY Portable Air Conditioner


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Considering a purchase but not sure which model is right for you? Look for answers to basic questions and remember that our distributors also offer professional advice.

Wi-Fi control is the basis of a modern device. It greatly facilitates usage and minimizes limitations. Just download the app and control the air conditioner from any distance.
As a manufacturer, we offer a 24-month warranty with door-to-door service.
Portable Climative air conditioners work well in the vast majority of rooms. Their high power and airflow allow for quick and even cooling of both small and larger interiors. Remember, the key to optimal performance is the right choice for the space and working conditions. If you are not sure, contact one of our representatives by phone for expert advice.
Our devices are available for online purchase, so they can be ordered to any location in Poland. You can find the list of official distributors in the tab located in the top menu.
Climative DUO

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