Climative is a Polish company that brings together experts in the refrigeration industry. Our brand is distinguished by a unique combination of years of experience from specialists and a young team of visionaries dedicated to tackling the most ambitious challenges. SMART solutions are the foundation of Climative's brand philosophy. It's the perfect balance of simplicity and maximum functionality. We emphasize ease of use by harnessing technological knowledge. You can control every one of our devices using a simple app from anywhere in the world. You don't need complicated instructions. A few taps on the screen are all it takes.

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Registration data

Climative sp. z o.o. Address: Gryfińska 42, 70-772 Szczecin, Poland NIP: 9552533360, KRS: 0000811626 Phone: 91 887 55 18, 519 687 630

Our products

Klimatyzator przenośny AC-26S YANG Klimatyzator przenośny AC-26S YIN Osuszacz powietrza Climative DH-20 Cube ION Sterownik AC IR1 Osuszacz powietrza DH 20 UV Silent Osuszacz powietrza DH-50 PRO Osuszacz powietrza DH-90 PRO Wentylator osiowy Tornado 3B Nagrzewnica elektryczna PTC Climative EHP-3B 3kW Uszczelnienie okna AC-Lock 400 Sterownik AC IR1 TH Sterownik AC IR TH LCD Nagrzewnica EH-3,3 kW Nagrzewnica EH-5 kW Nagrzewnica EH-9 kW Nagrzewnica EH-15 kW Nagrzewnica EH-18 kW Nagrzewnica EH-22 kW Nagrzewnica EH-22 kW Mobile Nagrzewnica gazowa Climative GH-15M Nagrzewnica gazowa Climative GH-30M